Giveaway from the writer Nova Fornell

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Forfatter Nova Fornell ble jeg kjent med da jeg studerte klassisk ballett på Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo. Siden den gang har hun utgitt en bok, og i konkurransen nedenfor har du mulighet til å vinne boken hennes.

Giveaway open 7-9th of November. Open to ALL countries!


On the 10th of November I will randomly draw 10 winners of paperbacks, and will contact EVERYONE else by sending them a DM with a link to their e-book. This link can be used to download a copy of my novel to a Kindle or any other e-reader as well as e-reader apps, iPads, iPhones, android phones and tablets.

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* Comment here on instagram when done, so that I can keep track!

Link to the novel on Amazon

Description of novel:
When a parent teaches you to trust no one and to never be vulnerable, will you ever be able to love? For most of Francesca’s life her ballet has been the only stable thing she’s known, giving her a voice and enough self-confidence to deal with her verbally abusive dad, Phillip. Now she’s finally able to leave his dysfunctional home and is willing to sacrifice everything to take her younger sister, Jenny, with her. But when she suddenly comes face to face with a situation, and a person, she cannot ignore, she soon realizes that not everything is quite so easy to give up after all, and she finds herself struggling to make a choice before it’s too late… For Francesca’s last chance to save her sister, will her vulnerability be a blessing or a curse?